4. juli. 2020
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  • It's my bday on July the 4th

    angry girlangry girl6 timer siden
  • When james found diamonds not in the temple in the mine he found lapis not dimonds

    Jessica PhamJessica Pham20 timer siden
  • yeme noob gebe PRO

    Mihad HasicMihad Hasic20 timer siden
  • do it agen

  • Wat 7

    NRCuttNRCuttDag siden
  • idk :^

    yanaika vaelenyanaika vaelenDag siden
  • creeper and blaze killed them ??? they are noobs at minecraft

    Geng ZhaoGeng ZhaoDag siden
  • Use coordinate Noobs

    Dr. Natalie MartinkusDr. Natalie MartinkusDag siden
  • Lapis you forgot lapis

    doljin tserenpagmadoljin tserenpagmaDag siden
  • i want see play

  • give me money >_< :)

  • Speakable where's the LinkedIn description I can't find it

    Wilson EstradaWilson EstradaDag siden
  • This is how much times he said find

    Latasha LikitaLatasha LikitaDag siden
  • ilike that james look at the baby pigman and the baby pgman just run away thats cute jk,.,. haha

    jana andrea ayumanjana andrea ayuman2 dager siden
  • Unspeakable I will getting your match and jelly much for Christmas I hope I can ever see you in real life I hope you enjoy meeting me soon

    Kerry ThomasKerry Thomas2 dager siden
  • 🦏💨💨💨💨🤥😑

    Kent Francis SabanalKent Francis Sabanal2 dager siden
  • hi is lizzy7 yes me lizzy7

    Albert MartineZAlbert MartineZ2 dager siden
  • Gabe: is such a noob sooooo is James sooooo a noob I am sooooooooooo sorry

    Tracy berberichTracy berberich3 dager siden
  • L

    Tracey BellTracey Bell3 dager siden
    • O

      Tracey BellTracey Bell3 dager siden
  • That is mean unspeakable/nathan

    Skylouise SalisburySkylouise Salisbury3 dager siden
  • I have NEVER seen I temple before so ur Lucky

    Walter SchwartzWalter Schwartz3 dager siden
  • Merch sale sorry

    Evan WestEvan West3 dager siden
  • There is a mercy sale And then did I menchen there’s a merch sale

    Evan WestEvan West3 dager siden
  • That was disturbing.

    Adonis BAdonis B4 dager siden
  • lololololololololololololololol XD! HAHA LOL I CANT STOP DIEING HAHA OMG FUNNEY HAHA

    Bernadette BeyBernadette Bey4 dager siden
  • So funny!!!!!!! IaIaIaIaIa

    Grecia Lopez HernandezGrecia Lopez Hernandez4 dager siden
  • James all the wayyy

    Emily AguileraEmily Aguilera4 dager siden
  • You know unspeakable was pranking you. You should prank unspeakable:)hjahahahahaha

    Michelle GolesichMichelle Golesich4 dager siden
  • If u still have the Coal I will take it 4 my granny’s fire

    sonya biggersonya bigger4 dager siden
  • Someone was saying unspeakable is rude he is lying

    FredaFreda5 dager siden
  • Im watching this on 2020

    FredaFreda5 dager siden
  • UnspeakaBle

    Dean McGDean McG5 dager siden
  • Finn: wow

    60watt60watt5 dager siden
  • no one james... i want a bucket

    sara lairdsara laird5 dager siden
  • can you sneek in to a trampalen park for 24 hours

    Cardon JonesCardon Jones5 dager siden
  • Nathan is a noob because he got killed by the end of dragon and Anderman

    Mansi MehtaMansi Mehta5 dager siden
  • At The Beginning Of Vid: Its the Middle Of A GLOBAl... Me: Pandemic- Unspeakable: MERCH SALE!

    Douglas BakerDouglas Baker6 dager siden
  • Unspeakablegaming 23 hour 23210 3 hours the Challenger in Minecraft boat and in the truck

    Ben GuerreroBen Guerrero6 dager siden
  • I will vote you out in among us for killing gray with a lime creeper thing ( Attention everyone red is sus and so is blue)

    Zakaree CoxZakaree Cox6 dager siden
  • haha james got an acchil iron

    Gaming ProGaming Pro6 dager siden
  • wow jamse found dimonds

    Gaming ProGaming Pro6 dager siden
  • iron like the iron that makes your cloths no wringkley

    harman_peeweeharman_peewee6 dager siden
  • Unspeakable I was wondering that you can do a three

    Ben GuerreroBen Guerrero6 dager siden
  • I love how james acted like the meme when he got the gold! You will never get this, you will never get this! La la la la la!

    Rena BeickertRena Beickert7 dager siden
  • aswd is a nub

    Katy PearceKaty Pearce7 dager siden
  • No

    Ashley WebberAshley Webber7 dager siden
  • watch at 18:18 XD I AM LAUGHING SO HARD XD

    AMDW2011AMDW20117 dager siden
  • 17:02 james: yo nathan look what i found nathan: can you mine one for me james: no nathan: congrats you found cole james: WHAT I DID NOT EVEN MINE IT?! gabe: YES!

    AMDW2011AMDW20117 dager siden
  • 9:45 nathan: wait is that wooden blocks your getting? gabe: oh no nathan: *hits gabe's head* james: *laughs akwardley* me: XD

    AMDW2011AMDW20117 dager siden
  • What is channel unspeakable is mean to them

    Giuseppina FilignanoGiuseppina Filignano7 dager siden
  • hey nathon

  • mr unspekble i am in another contry its name is india i dont have your currency how can i take ur merch huh

    Himani BakshiHimani Bakshi8 dager siden
  • Win

    MZ42MZ428 dager siden
  • Unspeakable

    Juana OrtizJuana Ortiz8 dager siden
  • I subed to be in unspeckabolblocks

    sasha diazsasha diaz8 dager siden
  • alright, your not broke

    Kaitlyn BudhaiKaitlyn Budhai8 dager siden
  • Roccoyu

    Lindzi BrownLindzi Brown8 dager siden
  • He said something in his mind

    Emma RejackEmma Rejack8 dager siden
  • I fill soooooo bad

    Kester VidzKester Vidz9 dager siden
  • Hi

    Shelly SmithShelly Smith9 dager siden
  • 😂

    Tatiana Mariel GraciaTatiana Mariel Gracia9 dager siden
  • E

    Rebecca BonneteauRebecca Bonneteau9 dager siden
  • ibnggmB

    Gabriel VargasGabriel Vargas9 dager siden

    Juozas KaraliusJuozas Karalius10 dager siden
  • i wonder what lapis looks like

    Emanuel OrozcoEmanuel Orozco10 dager siden
  • James and gabe unspeakable was chiting

    Geneva EspejelGeneva Espejel11 dager siden
  • Gabe uber noob

    Tina STina S11 dager siden
  • yes

    Cyris SmithCyris Smith11 dager siden
  • Oooof

    Oof MasterOof Master11 dager siden
  • Blake@2014

    Wendy ElsburyWendy Elsbury11 dager siden
  • O CAE

    Heather JacksonHeather Jackson11 dager siden
  • James: ull never get this Gabe:got it Me: lol

    Tanks,gaming and much MoreTanks,gaming and much More12 dager siden
  • hi jamse

    SeaNy3 wesTSeaNy3 wesT12 dager siden
  • I found emeralds

    Elite TyElite Ty12 dager siden
    • I found six diamonds

      Elite TyElite Ty12 dager siden
  • Adopt me avatar is a wolf

    Edward RyderEdward Ryder12 dager siden
  • Adopt me roblox avatar

    Edward RyderEdward Ryder12 dager siden
  • Play farming simulator 19

    Stuart HuttonStuart Hutton12 dager siden
  • I love when James says ‘’ you got big beans ‘’

    Stjepan ResetarStjepan Resetar12 dager siden
  • I could probably do better than gabe.i have only played minecraft twice

    Josie PetersJosie Peters12 dager siden
  • Oh unspekable unspekable unspekable is crazy

    Kolten KaimiKolten Kaimi12 dager siden
    • No

      Bro LuvBro Luv12 dager siden
  • Jam’s and Gabe is such a noob.

    Jeremy StoehrJeremy Stoehr12 dager siden
  • Yeah he is asleep

    piggy find lawnmowerpiggy find lawnmower12 dager siden
  • Sorry Gabe

    Sammy Dan GamerSammy Dan Gamer12 dager siden
  • 😉😁💤

    Gee ZeeGee Zee13 dager siden
  • Hey

    Megan JacksonMegan Jackson13 dager siden
  • You are motor

    Florence TanFlorence Tan13 dager siden
  • You guys are the best NOworld OK I’ll let you go but I don’t ask you

    Dean CampardoDean Campardo13 dager siden
  • Hii

    Cynthia AlvaradoCynthia Alvarado13 dager siden
  • I am asleep

    Supreme LlamaSupreme Llama13 dager siden
  • p

    PANDI_FACEPANDI_FACE13 dager siden
  • You should play Minecraft Butt in smash bro's Because there's a new update in it and it's Minecraft

    Heather FranklinHeather Franklin14 dager siden
  • As tat rell demands 🙂☺

    Hossam FareedHossam Fareed14 dager siden
  • Baked beans

    thapelo masekothapelo maseko14 dager siden
  • No me too comet

    Carlos AguiarCarlos Aguiar14 dager siden
  • *James Has Left The Noob Chat* *Gabe Has Entered The Noob Chat*

    B R U H B O IB R U H B O I14 dager siden
    • Lol

      Michael ElisechMichael Elisech9 dager siden
  • I am a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig fan of you

    Gabriel FernandezGabriel Fernandez14 dager siden
  • It’s2020

    Alberto CanoAlberto Cano14 dager siden
  • Worried about the merch when there's a sickness going around the entire world?

    Natalie AlperNatalie Alper14 dager siden
  • You are stupet

    Daiana ChavarriaDaiana Chavarria14 dager siden
  • Give me the emeralds 10000000 of them just kidding I only want 1

    David ThomsonDavid Thomson14 dager siden