29. sep.. 2020
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  • *Who saw the ending*

    UnspeakableUnspeakable29 dager siden
    • I have not ether

      Jarrod NixonJarrod Nixon3 dager siden
    • Meeeeee

      Evan BrinserEvan Brinser7 dager siden
    • I’m still watching it and I haven’t seen it yet

      sarah boddysarah boddy10 dager siden
    • Me

      Paul ButcherPaul Butcher12 dager siden
    • Unspeakable can I do a video with you

      Moon Prism SistersMoon Prism Sisters21 dag siden
  • Me

    Shutter JShutter J38 minutter siden
  • I'm like briana I love pancakes too waffles are garbage

    Lazar MaksimovicLazar MaksimovicTime siden
  • Preston is four years older than Nathan but Preston looks younger and Nathan looks old not old but a little bit older so yeah

    Robbie MeddinRobbie Meddin3 timer siden
  • so what who won the lego house was is james or nathan?

    Breezy RuvalcabaBreezy Ruvalcaba5 timer siden
  • I did

    Andrew ColquhounAndrew Colquhoun6 timer siden
  • HI WE LOVE YOU UNSPEAKABLE FROM JAXON.............????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tammy FullerTammy Fuller8 timer siden
  • Yeah your right. Business Is Business.

    Ethan PlayzEthan Playz13 timer siden
  • I think Nathan thinks we are blind. I KNOW THAT BULLET IS GETTING MOVED BY SOMEONE. I thinks it’s Cedrick.

    Ethan PlayzEthan Playz13 timer siden
  • 1. How may brushes will you need. 2. Uhh I think you just threw away $10. 3. James isn’t talking.

    Ethan PlayzEthan Playz13 timer siden
  • You should do a Minecraft challenge where you stay in a house surrounded by mobs for 24 hours

    Casey BolanosCasey Bolanos14 timer siden
  • Hey Unspeakable you should name another mannequin Felipe Like so Nathan can see pls :>

    NowhereMan_ YTNowhereMan_ YT15 timer siden
  • why yall dont share

    Zyimera PerryZyimera Perry15 timer siden
  • I have that rainbow slingy

    Angelika PinkevichAngelika Pinkevich16 timer siden
  • Fake as hell that is wood you just wanna be mr beast white man

    Joe RoomJoe Room16 timer siden
  • Not

    Veronique BibeauVeronique Bibeau18 timer siden
  • i did

    Daniel FuglestenDaniel Fuglesten20 timer siden
  • xD dual?!

    Daniel FuglestenDaniel Fuglesten20 timer siden
  • guuuuuuuuu

    dennis vdennis v20 timer siden
  • Preston won as u said if u went out side the Lego house u are out before Preston went out you an caleb went out to the balcony

    Mary jane FryMary jane Fry21 time siden
  • Iove

    Joel LyonsJoel Lyons22 timer siden
  • The

    Brody Toy reviewsBrody Toy reviews22 timer siden
  • no

    Hamza NoorHamza Noor22 timer siden
  • I'll claim the hot tub/pool.

    Jennifer McManusJennifer McManus22 timer siden

    MALICIOUS 718FOOTMALICIOUS 718FOOT23 timer siden
  • some cooking some wafles

    patrick caspeelepatrick caspeeleDag siden
  • GIVE PRESTON 1000$

    Huzaifa CheemaHuzaifa CheemaDag siden
  • GIVE PRESTON 1000$

    Huzaifa CheemaHuzaifa CheemaDag siden
  • GIVE PRESTON 1000$

    Huzaifa CheemaHuzaifa CheemaDag siden
  • GIVE PRESTON 1000$

    Huzaifa CheemaHuzaifa CheemaDag siden
  • GIVE PRESTON 1000$

    Huzaifa CheemaHuzaifa CheemaDag siden
  • Awww preston Has a Really care Heart 13:54

    gacha darkieand Zanegacha darkieand ZaneDag siden
  • well that was a Love moment there 😏😏 7:10

    gacha darkieand Zanegacha darkieand ZaneDag siden
  • he did not steal the candyDid you even do the strong power

    John CastroJohn CastroDag siden
  • Me

    Jahcobe WilsonJahcobe WilsonDag siden
  • Gabes makin waffles!?

    Crafty FishCrafty FishDag siden
  • outttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    Shilo StewartShilo StewartDag siden
  • me

    Shilo StewartShilo StewartDag siden
  • no

    Meghan ChurchillMeghan ChurchillDag siden
  • Ha ha 😆😂😅😄😛

    Zachary HolmanZachary HolmanDag siden
  • Me

    Rylee GrayRylee GrayDag siden
  • Actully i saw the ending its funny

    Evelyn VergaraEvelyn VergaraDag siden
  • Pls don’t play with food

    Stranger things AldhanhaniStranger things AldhanhaniDag siden
  • No😂😂😂😂😂

    Octavio ValdovinosOctavio ValdovinosDag siden
  • I must’ve been gone for a while because this house has upgraded a lot and I’ve only been gone for like four months I know I know kind a long if you asked me

    A a l i y a H o n e s t y :3 5XY7GYHA a l i y a H o n e s t y :3 5XY7GYHDag siden
  • What happened to Gabe :>

    Bxrry _leeBxrry _leeDag siden
  • when u guys where having waffles the song that came into my head is that song form Teen Titans Go: "WAFFLES WAFFLES WAFFLES WAAAFLEEES WAFFLES WAFFLES WAFFLES" xD

    Silver the WendigoSilver the WendigoDag siden
  • Hj

    Brittanee MarshBrittanee MarshDag siden
  • Finn

    Finn GodwinFinn GodwinDag siden
  • I’m sorrry you lost the LEGO house

    Apollo CarrionApollo CarrionDag siden
  • yaaaaaa i lovit

    Karen KingKaren KingDag siden
  • Do not give Preston that money please don’t

    Ethan LothridgeEthan LothridgeDag siden
  • ,

    Ethan LothridgeEthan LothridgeDag siden
  • Actually how old are you unspeakable???

    ikagarcia26ikagarcia26Dag siden
  • I love apple when the parts waffles😍😍😍!!!!

    ikagarcia26ikagarcia26Dag siden
  • He did not steal the candy . 🍭

    Hrh JrjdHrh JrjdDag siden
  • Bruh you said 3 montessori in the pole thing it said 7 months

    pacific 200pacific 200Dag siden
  • Brianna if you're reading unspeakable Brianna if you're reading unspeakable comments I hope you see mine Because you're very prettycomments.

    ikagarcia26ikagarcia26Dag siden
  • When you went down that slide and you're like When you screamed Did you break your bone???

    ikagarcia26ikagarcia26Dag siden
  • Unspeakable1 day I want everyone to be A whole entire squad every NOworld with.

    ikagarcia26ikagarcia26Dag siden
  • Hi unspeakable Nice to see you

    Paj HawjPaj Hawj2 dager siden
  • Hei7nt chi

    fabio semprefabio sempre2 dager siden
  • 9:25 me and the bois at 2am looking for WAFFLES

    BobBob2 dager siden
  • FU N fun

    Hindong KiniHindong Kini2 dager siden
  • this is how many ppl how want to be there 👁👄👁 👇🏼

    Janai MoralesJanai Morales2 dager siden
    • Mee

      unicorngamer ytunicorngamer ytDag siden
  • the lighting looked a lot like a tv show.


    Amy Plays_YTAmy Plays_YT2 dager siden
    • I forgot these dudes names 😂

      Amy Plays_YTAmy Plays_YT2 dager siden
  • The duel was so cringy it made me laugh so hard!😂

    just_beleive_ in_unicornsjust_beleive_ in_unicorns2 dager siden
  • Give Preston 1,000 DOLLORS

    Claire PautzClaire Pautz2 dager siden
  • this is scripted

    Ethel AlmarioEthel Almario2 dager siden
  • Uh waffles are not better than pancakes

    patrycja reisepatrycja reise2 dager siden
  • no

    immydakodah Van Der Laanimmydakodah Van Der Laan2 dager siden
  • I want to live in your lego house a lot

    Nandini (Nandi) SinghNandini (Nandi) Singh2 dager siden
  • who saw the bit where james just said victory tasts good when hes lying on the ground eating a cheesburger

    Jennifer McCollJennifer McColl2 dager siden
    • yes

      Sheree FaisondeorkfkSheree Faisondeorkfk2 timer siden
  • so your friend are preston and brianna

    Chloe KusnadiChloe Kusnadi2 dager siden
  • Unspeakable is so sus in LOL 😃

    Chefbob GarciaChefbob Garcia2 dager siden
    • Lol

      Chefbob GarciaChefbob Garcia2 dager siden
  • Who is seeing the end

    Nicholas LarsonNicholas Larson2 dager siden
  • Waffles you making waffles that’s so funny that part though

    Bike RyderBike Ryder2 dager siden
  • Question is still not eliminated okay

    helen mosherhelen mosher2 dager siden
  • James is so FUNNY

    Jimma KimbroJimma Kimbro2 dager siden
  • Meh

    Amar MerdanovicAmar Merdanovic2 dager siden
  • I want to meet you I live in Bristol my road is 16 Shubb Leaze I am Ava again

    giggy1995giggy19953 dager siden
  • I wish I can live in it my name is Ava

    giggy1995giggy19953 dager siden
  • THE ENDING WAS SICK! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Teigan QuiltyTeigan Quilty3 dager siden
  • I loved the part when they were painting and it's beagle said when you're done your painting should turn out like mine absolute trash and then he threw the painting that was funny

    R SR S3 dager siden
  • lol

    Dakota FordDakota Ford3 dager siden
  • I love this vids all my fav u tubers

    Louise gunningLouise gunning3 dager siden
  • Who get the house

    Abu chayAbu chay3 dager siden
  • I am a big fan of you unspeakable

    Jaxon HoppaJaxon Hoppa3 dager siden
  • Preston wans the $1000

    Retha LateganRetha Lategan3 dager siden
  • 7:04 when you're teaching your toddler how to walk down the stairs

    just_beleive_ in_unicornsjust_beleive_ in_unicorns3 dager siden
  • You awsome

    I love puppies Love pupsI love puppies Love pups3 dager siden
  • 0:51 It’s not a problem, it’s a ME problem!

    Krisha May PalmeroKrisha May Palmero3 dager siden
  • i like and subscribed to all

    Logan ClarkLogan Clark3 dager siden
  • He Stole my rainbow slinky

    Netherite BeeNetherite Bee3 dager siden
  • The outro was refleshing

    Hungry Shark2490Hungry Shark24903 dager siden
  • He did not get the candy

    Sele AkpalaSele Akpala3 dager siden
  • Somebody really said preston was like a muffasa when he was getting jerry from the slide-

    Jacob WayneJacob Wayne3 dager siden
  • Hi

    Dj RodriguezDj Rodriguez3 dager siden
  • ME

    Damian TopolskiDamian Topolski3 dager siden