Last To Say NO Challenge! *EXTREME*

2. mai. 2020
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  • I love your Lamborghini unspeakable so I just wanna talk whip you unspeakable

    Belinda Nicholson Wandering SpiritBelinda Nicholson Wandering Spirit3 timer siden
  • you sad no jams

    kayla hrutkakayla hrutka3 timer siden
  • Why did youJust ask them if they could do it by there self

    Alexander GilchristAlexander Gilchrist6 timer siden
  • you ch do thes wesa kite

    Stephanie DavisStephanie Davis7 timer siden
  • Yes

    Pam WilliamsPam Williams10 timer siden
  • Did you seriously buy that car

    John RodriguezJohn Rodriguez11 timer siden
  • Unspeakable should have said to by a plane in the beginning so they would be out instantly

    Fnaf characters are diamondsFnaf characters are diamonds15 timer siden
  • Now a lambo

    ManCityFan11ManCityFan11Dag siden
  • You already bought a mclaren

    ManCityFan11ManCityFan11Dag siden
  • You win

    Molly CarpenterMolly CarpenterDag siden
  • Gabes mean

    Cat WheelsCat WheelsDag siden
  • you are a pleb

    Preston jr.Preston jr.Dag siden
  • I will not do it do not do it

    ValentinaValentinaDag siden
  • Do u still have it?

    Fazeboy7pro YTFazeboy7pro YTDag siden
  • you sould do a last to say yes

    Macy KahnMacy KahnDag siden
  • 70034624

    Eduards OzoliņšEduards OzoliņšDag siden
  • This is how much the Lamborghini cost ⬇️

    Kewell ShadeKewell Shade2 dager siden
  • This is how mush the Lamborghini cost

    Kewell ShadeKewell Shade2 dager siden
  • I love Unspeakable Channel but I like James 🤩

    Samuel ArguetaSamuel Argueta2 dager siden
  • Gabe said no

    Cheater clan on FortniteCheater clan on Fortnite2 dager siden
  • Unspeakable I dare you to do a Minecraft build battle with Preston while listening to Hard Rock music

    Dasfinn HoumacDasfinn Houmac2 dager siden
  • Happy birthday Gabe Lol

    Dasfinn HoumacDasfinn Houmac2 dager siden
  • 2:17 James said no

    Gabriel GentryGabriel Gentry2 dager siden
  • when James and Gabe keep giving nathan more and more dirty plates its like nathan is my mom and James and Gabe is me

    Kim FerrettiKim Ferretti2 dager siden
  • Buy a McLaren

    B RockB Rock3 dager siden
  • Wow

    Josh SattlerJosh Sattler3 dager siden
  • bro u need to make james say u know

    Xavier CatoXavier Cato3 dager siden
  • L

    Zeba SarwariZeba Sarwari4 dager siden
  • omgg

    Ella McAuleyElla McAuley4 dager siden
  • yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000004

    clxudy_tears _møcha_wørkshopclxudy_tears _møcha_wørkshop4 dager siden
  • I love tvarm too

    Heather JacksonHeather Jackson4 dager siden
  • So sad for nation 😣

    Naomi SamuelNaomi Samuel4 dager siden
  • Even me I have to say yes that means I have to say yes to everything you have somebody else because I’m not even there

  • What happens is Nathan was the only one saying yes lol

    Julian RojasJulian Rojas4 dager siden
  • hahahahahahahahahaha

    Little black catLittle black cat4 dager siden
  • Poor unspeakable

    Sarah CroySarah Croy5 dager siden
  • There jerks

    Sarah CroySarah Croy5 dager siden
  • Hi Unspeakable you are My best youtuber

  • Nononononnono nononononnononnonon

    Kiran NairKiran Nair5 dager siden
  • I hat you

    Jacob CalebJacob Caleb6 dager siden
  • Where is his girlfriend now

    Alex gonzalezAlex gonzalez6 dager siden
    • You ain't a real fan if you don't know where she is

      1 Ordinary Dude1 Ordinary Dude5 dager siden
  • Last to yes challenge

    Sarah InglesSarah Ingles6 dager siden
  • Nice car love it

    Nora TavarezNora Tavarez6 dager siden
  • How many people love unspeakable 👇🏻

    Abigail MatildaAbigail Matilda6 dager siden
  • Hi 👋 I have a question and speakable I know I do I don’t want to say this but I have a Alex cake baby OK

    Daphne OchoaDaphne Ochoa6 dager siden
  • Who remembers the dares chaleng wen nathen cut the laun just like james

    levan godadzelevan godadze6 dager siden
    • I don't know what a "chaleng" or a "laun" is. Did you even go to school at all?

      Kristie DemeterKristie Demeter6 dager siden
  • GG

    Mahmood Al-aniMahmood Al-ani7 dager siden
  • Lets get to 0 dislikes and 999,999 thousand likes

    Sammy RyshakovSammy Ryshakov7 dager siden
  • hahahaha

    Asher SorcicAsher Sorcic7 dager siden
  • hahaha

    Asher SorcicAsher Sorcic7 dager siden
  • haha

    Asher SorcicAsher Sorcic7 dager siden
  • ha

    Asher SorcicAsher Sorcic7 dager siden
  • why is james so adictitad to fishing

    Karla AngaritaKarla Angarita7 dager siden
  • 7.40 rip chair lol

    purple pandacornspurple pandacorns8 dager siden
  • A second super car race

    UnspeakbleUnspeakble8 dager siden
  • Pls sub to me

    XdMaxymouseXdMaxymouse8 dager siden
  • Pig

    Maria FeaginMaria Feagin8 dager siden
  • Big

    Maria FeaginMaria Feagin8 dager siden
  • Epic!!!!

    Yahir GuerreroYahir Guerrero8 dager siden
  • cool lambo

  • Wait Gabe is 21 or 22

    Chicken Nugget 17Chicken Nugget 178 dager siden
  • When Gabe and James told unspeakable to do the puzzle unspeakable could’ve just said you do the puzzle

    Aris The gamerAris The gamer9 dager siden
  • Lamborghini videos

    Ian KerrIan Kerr9 dager siden
  • 24ty

    Jelyn Delos reyesJelyn Delos reyes9 dager siden
  • if I ever played this challege i would ask for a pet monkey!

    adelyn marcantonioadelyn marcantonio9 dager siden
  • ظسظظط

    Soud AlojaimanSoud Alojaiman9 dager siden
  • i love you

    Diana TedescoDiana Tedesco9 dager siden
  • EVRY time there is last to say no wins and there is a lambo in the thumbnail they don’t usually buy it they just rent it or they just stop the video during when there renting a Lamborghini

    Ryder Trogan-CookRyder Trogan-Cook9 dager siden
  • Unspeakable:i dare u guys to buy a plane Gabe:a plane?! James:ima buy a toy plane

    Nvr_Mind 999Nvr_Mind 9999 dager siden
  • The winner what will win

    Banah RweishdyBanah Rweishdy10 dager siden
  • Can i please have dat lambo

    Liam WinterLiam Winter10 dager siden
  • man your sick

    Arland BernalArland Bernal10 dager siden
  • When Gabe said ‘let it go’ Jake didn’t he lost

    Linh HuynhLinh Huynh10 dager siden
    • j a k e ? i did not know there was a human in this video named _jake_

      Kristie DemeterKristie Demeter6 dager siden
  • ol

  • Yes

    Jen AmosJen Amos10 dager siden
  • Like and comment if you agree

    rebecca medinarebecca medina10 dager siden
  • but a Bugatti i BET YOU wont unspeakable

    Allyson HolleranAllyson Holleran10 dager siden
  • Freaking better so unspeakable did you really just you bought a Lamborghini for that many dollars

    kolleen daviskolleen davis10 dager siden

    Lauren AlleeLauren Allee10 dager siden
  • Hiii

    Sarah HaynesSarah Haynes10 dager siden
  • hi

    KyōhanaKyōhana10 dager siden
  • Last to leave the lambogeni

    Kristyn McinnesKristyn Mcinnes10 dager siden
  • Hey Nathan you should make a Unspeakable Puzzle Merch.

    Khyle Samuel MelanioKhyle Samuel Melanio10 dager siden
    • Oh yeah

      Rushikesh KalwadeRushikesh Kalwade7 dager siden
    • I I love you I love that Lamborghini think that seems so cool good luck with the challenge

      Damian MeyerDamian Meyer9 dager siden
  • This is how many people wants a Lamborghini.

    Khyle Samuel MelanioKhyle Samuel Melanio10 dager siden
    • @Jacqui Mills cool!

      Just a PupJust a Pup2 dager siden
    • Well I go in one sometimes ✌️ so I kinda do

      Jacqui MillsJacqui Mills2 dager siden
    • ME

      Gary GilliganGary Gilligan4 dager siden
    • 18

      A RichmeierA Richmeier7 dager siden
    • Yea same Vivian Richardson

      Just a PupJust a Pup8 dager siden
  • O

    Finnoula McCallionFinnoula McCallion11 dager siden
  • No

    Abdulazeez JadallaAbdulazeez Jadalla11 dager siden
  • i feel soooooo bad for gabe

    Emersyn DonahueEmersyn Donahue11 dager siden
  • In 8:35 gabe said no(4x)

    Syed Irfan Qayyum Wan FauziSyed Irfan Qayyum Wan Fauzi11 dager siden
  • Gabe lost early when Nathan asked if he brought him food Gabe said no 7 times at 8:34 - 8:38

    Hayden BrennerHayden Brenner11 dager siden
  • Wow

    Junior SNJunior SN11 dager siden
  • Umm me to bro

    David GutierrezDavid Gutierrez11 dager siden
  • OK I’ll have some popcorn

    Piotrek SzlembarskiPiotrek Szlembarski11 dager siden
  • I'm glad you finished the puzzle unspeakable

  • let me see a lambo

    Queen Bbeb19Queen Bbeb1911 dager siden
  • Do a video where you all by a Lamborghini and see who's is the fastest

    kayne Cawthornekayne Cawthorne11 dager siden
  • OMG I have the same Lego box as them

    kayne Cawthornekayne Cawthorne11 dager siden
  • Why don't you race the Lamborghini

    Reilly SavageReilly Savage11 dager siden
  • For killing me bruh bruh I’m gonna to peak u 1 day (:

    Jason DavisJason Davis11 dager siden
  • I am pooooor

    Joseph BrenneckJoseph Brenneck11 dager siden
  • Nathan: I can't say no so yeah Me: you just said no

    Kiera ClarkeKiera Clarke11 dager siden