Which Boat Can Survive The WAVE?

25. sep.. 2020
4 635 995 Ganger

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  • Lego boat definitely won

    Sophia Grace LicayanSophia Grace Licayan3 timer siden
  • Wood

    nonenone5 timer siden
  • James

    Gaurav singhGaurav singh6 timer siden
  • Fishing contest: Me: I hope they catch and release... Them: does catch and release Me YAY (I'm vegetarian so that means I don't eat meat)

    terrijaneusterrijaneus6 timer siden
  • Or a hot wheels challenge

    perlie sibudperlie sibud8 timer siden
  • It is made out of lego

    perlie sibudperlie sibud8 timer siden
  • I think they should do a fort challenge greatest fort wins like if you agree

    perlie sibudperlie sibud8 timer siden
  • The glass

    James SwaineJames Swaine9 timer siden
  • Minecraft

    Jesslynn HansenJesslynn Hansen9 timer siden
  • I Cort a 20 pound fish

    Yathip RatchadatrakoolYathip Ratchadatrakool10 timer siden
  • Make a new version o the Titnic

    Yathip RatchadatrakoolYathip Ratchadatrakool10 timer siden
  • jame

    Jeremy CrockerJeremy Crocker11 timer siden
  • glass so gabe

    Jeremy CrockerJeremy Crocker12 timer siden
  • The class boat

    NicoKai Gamer 4 LifeNicoKai Gamer 4 Life15 timer siden
  • On mobile

    Muhammed YusufMuhammed Yusuf17 timer siden
  • Hey unspeakable download toolbox it's a mod for minecraft

    Muhammed YusufMuhammed Yusuf17 timer siden
  • lego bote

    Gianna MercadoGianna Mercado18 timer siden
  • not gabe

    Ronalynn F. DegreeRonalynn F. Degree20 timer siden
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Ronalynn F. DegreeRonalynn F. Degree20 timer siden
  • Gabe

    Lotus WeaverLotus Weaver20 timer siden
  • cler

    Savannah MillsSavannah Mills20 timer siden
  • I laughed so hard when he said 1 2 3 A B C

    Oakley CitraOakley Citra20 timer siden
  • 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮 tacos tacos 🌮

    Anime is not for normal PeopleAnime is not for normal People21 time siden
  • Glass

    Nicol DytrychováNicol Dytrychová21 time siden
  • Minecraft boat

    Paknapa PanichPaknapa PanichDag siden
  • Bruh everythiung is easier in minecraff litterly

    Elly DahliaElly DahliaDag siden
  • I think yours is going to win unspeakable and you’re awesome

    hootaysmimi87hootaysmimi87Dag siden
  • Love nathan

    Jessica ChanJessica ChanDag siden
  • Boats are smooth in material. Sand is a rough surface so that's why gabe is struggling to pull it at the ocean. The ocean is smooth. so it's easy

    ceeb2 thojceeb2 thojDag siden
  • OOFFFF!!!

    Josh looks funnyJosh looks funnyDag siden
  • For the glass boat fishing challenge he can see it from the bottom

    durga kalyan bommareddydurga kalyan bommareddyDag siden
  • lego boat

    Yang YiYang YiDag siden
  • Same

    Rosanna BlackRosanna BlackDag siden
  • micr bo

    cesar fabiancesar fabianDag siden
  • gabe

    Tyler ThomasTyler ThomasDag siden
  • Sup

    Johana Miranda-MoralesJohana Miranda-MoralesDag siden
  • I like the clear boat

    IloveYTIloveYTDag siden
  • Gabes boat is the best boat

    Cassandra FraleyCassandra FraleyDag siden

    Aniyah DrummondAniyah DrummondDag siden
  • Lego boy 😎😎😎😎😎

    Fortnite pro 19 FendleyFortnite pro 19 FendleyDag siden
  • I think the wood boat is going to win

    Celia RsmsayCelia RsmsayDag siden
  • I’m like ten years or 20 years younger then you and I caught a 10 pound fish

    All around kynslee MooreAll around kynslee MooreDag siden
  • Plus Minecraft is the adventure of legends

    Jessica StricklandJessica StricklandDag siden
  • Wooden boat

    Jessica StricklandJessica StricklandDag siden
  • unspeakable's micrafte bouat

    shane jacksonshane jacksonDag siden
  • All

    Asher TaylorAsher TaylorDag siden
  • In every one of unspeakable’s videos James is always wearing his hat and it’s on backwards

    Uni girl 26Uni girl 26Dag siden
    • He was wearing it forwards in this vid tho

      daniel steeledaniel steele18 timer siden
  • this is a really really good video

    Gaming ProGaming ProDag siden
  • Gabe O*Fish*aly one

    Ninja Olimar 121Ninja Olimar 121Dag siden
  • he cought a big boy

    Alijah EthredgeAlijah EthredgeDag siden
  • gabe won

    Alijah EthredgeAlijah EthredgeDag siden
  • james

    Jennifer MarshJennifer MarshDag siden
  • james won

    Sopia RobinsonSopia RobinsonDag siden
  • want james boat

    Sopia RobinsonSopia RobinsonDag siden
  • James

    What UpWhat UpDag siden
  • james

    Daniel NicholsDaniel NicholsDag siden
  • James

    Tariq AlhawariTariq AlhawariDag siden
  • The last is lame

    Kyle Gabrielle SarcenoKyle Gabrielle SarcenoDag siden
  • Gabe won

    TrickyFruitTrickyFruitDag siden
  • James

    Shawn HouserShawn HouserDag siden
  • GABE

    Camila Cagua-KooCamila Cagua-KooDag siden
  • Me to

    Virginia SalazarVirginia SalazarDag siden
  • M

    Virginia SalazarVirginia SalazarDag siden
  • I got a bigger fish before when I was 4

    JakeJake2 dager siden
    • 11:11

      JakeJake2 dager siden
  • Gabe

    jolanta maksimavicienejolanta maksimaviciene2 dager siden
  • gep

    Mardiana AbdullahMardiana Abdullah2 dager siden
  • I think unspeakable is gonna win

    elbosszoelbosszo2 dager siden
  • James

    Geraldine CampbellGeraldine Campbell2 dager siden
  • The sub button is not red its grey

    XXX_CHIGOXXX_CHIGO2 dager siden
  • JAMES!!!!

    Richard CarterRichard Carter2 dager siden
  • I thing glass

    caleb wongcaleb wong2 dager siden
  • Why did they have se trolling motors they are for reefs

    Tom SzymanskiTom Szymanski2 dager siden
    • ?

      Mr.OwlsssMr.OwlsssDag siden
  • I wish I could be in a unspeakable video

    Dane FarrarDane Farrar2 dager siden
  • wood boat will win

    Hayden CourtHayden Court2 dager siden
  • I thank that unspeakable boat well win

    Kiwanis CurryKiwanis Curry2 dager siden
  • u

    Claire Cowley-CrawfordClaire Cowley-Crawford2 dager siden
  • Is your real name all of yours

    Jason ZagreskyJason Zagresky2 dager siden
  • I think Glass boat is going to win

    Justin GreeneJustin Greene2 dager siden
  • Plz like

    MsSue21MsSue212 dager siden
    • Defenatly

      MsSue21MsSue212 dager siden
    • I think you should like

      MsSue21MsSue212 dager siden
  • GLAS

    Westley BreadenWestley Breaden2 dager siden
  • james wins

    Emmett JordanEmmett Jordan2 dager siden
  • I think the glass boat

    Adriano DesouzaAdriano Desouza2 dager siden
  • james

    Ava TimonenAva Timonen3 dager siden
  • i think lego is gonna win

    Alexandre Paul ACCADAlexandre Paul ACCAD3 dager siden
  • LEGO boat

    Dark Destroyer57Dark Destroyer573 dager siden
  • I love ur vids

    Dark Destroyer57Dark Destroyer573 dager siden
  • Hey speakable

    Dark Destroyer57Dark Destroyer573 dager siden
  • Phil Swift did u use flex glue?????

    The pro HacksThe pro Hacks3 dager siden
  • I think your boat will win

    Brian COOPERBrian COOPER3 dager siden
  • Blue

    Rebecca SquiresRebecca Squires3 dager siden
  • Hi

    monica chaimonica chai3 dager siden
  • LEGO boat is going to win it’s the oldest

    James FlintJames Flint3 dager siden
  • Unspeakable will win

    Kelsey SmithKelsey Smith3 dager siden
  • bav

    jonah gotswagjonah gotswag3 dager siden
  • James is the best boat

    558 Dave558 Dave3 dager siden
  • Can you go more in your pool or with Simon and more videos because I miss Simon he hasn’t been in a lot of videos

    Ten Way TechTen Way Tech3 dager siden
  • # unspeakable wins

    Jeffery Feng Gacha LifeJeffery Feng Gacha Life3 dager siden
  • They should do 100 hours overnight last to leave the boat challenge LIKE IF YOU AGREE

    Daksh Raj ChauhanDaksh Raj Chauhan3 dager siden
  • Gabe

    Alycia Rose HerreraAlycia Rose Herrera3 dager siden
  • Gabe and James

    Kylie AllinsonKylie Allinson3 dager siden